Tweaking the Forums

Hi all,

I plan on doing a bit of tweaking to the Forums over the next couple of weeks. After a couple years of use, I can better see patterns of usage to determine which Categories and Subcategories are superfluous, resulting in pruning/grafting or simple reorganization/consolidation. When moving topics/posts, they won’t disappear, just simply have new Category or Subcategory locations.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know. I plan on starting with the Developer categories and then move through the rest soon after.

OK… So I made some major moves in pruning some underused categories and subcategories and simply deleting others that were superfluous and reassigning the topics.

Hopefully the simplification makes it easier to find, follow, and put things. It is helpful if users make an effort to put things in categories and/or use tags so help find relevant threads.

I have no idea what you’ve changed but I’m sure it took time and effort - so I’m happy to assume it’s an improvement and say thank you @jwouellette !