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Is there an example of a Project library implementation?

I was reading 41.7 Project Library Information and I am curious if any vendor has implemented this? It would be good to see it in action. I am not currently aware of any.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any vendors implementing this (I believe DDS have at least tested files).

There is an example file here:
And a Geometry Gym example here:

I’m talking on this topic at BILT Europe in two weeks time, “Object Libraries, Why aren’t they common?”.

Hey @jonm I think you’re talking about the project library context - in that case actually I have implemented it already in Blender - see the following screenshot and the resultant (minimal) export. I also see from your Geometry Gym example on Github that perhaps you have implemented it too :slight_smile: Perhaps you can give that example in your talk!


output.ifc (6.8 KB)

But actually my question was more about the IfcLibraryInformation entity and its friends like IfcLibraryReference. It seems at first glance to be quite intricate, requiring a compliant REST API to provide ways to access and manipulate the IFC file with a permissions system of some kind. That’s the part I’d like to see :slight_smile: I see it in the air terminal example file, but a more detailed explanation of exactly what implementation they expect is required for me to understand how to implement it.

This has now been implemented in BlenderBIM. We are using Git as an ISO19650 compliant CDE and BIM server, and this allows us to record the version information inside the file. A small wrapper (which will be made open-source and free software) is provided to allow REST verbs to access GIt information.

The name is taken from the repository name, and the version is the commit hash. Version date is the date of the current commit from the master branch (by default), and description is the last commit log summary.


I will mark this thread as solved.