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Example of how to use IfcProjectLibrary?


Has anybody authored an IfcProjectLibrary before which demonstrates storing types, property sets, or both? Has anybody authored one which holds a shape representation?

I’d like to investigate the possibility of holding BIM assets (e.g. a type of IfcFurniture which is a chair) in an IfcProjectLibrary?

I have seen examples by @jonm related to his proposal to describe psets as an IfcProjectLibrary which is awesome (+1 to him!) but other than that, don’t have much to go on.

As a bonus, has anybody produced an IfcProjectLibrary out of Revit / ArchiCAD, it’d be great to learn the workflow!


For a GeometryGym example, refer to the example below.

I’ve tended to use quantities for driving dimensions (as this example also demonstrates how I understand parametrics to work), but the concept is parallel to the way you nominate propertysets. Note that it includes static definitions that would be recognized if the parametric is not.

It’s deliberately an example with a simple concept, when this is enabled we could consider some more advanced testing.

I’ve done some prototyping of a Revit exporter from an RFA if you want to consider pursuing that further.

Hope it helps,



Data Design System (DDS) created a proposal and prototype a number of years ago, but it was never implemented. I suppose it is time to dust it off again…