Inquiry on SAF - Structural Analysis Format

Dear All,

during one of the IFC Development Meetings, there was an input presentation about the new open exchange format “SAF”, which should be compatible with IFC.
I could only find a recording so far but no further information:

Could anyone suggest me a contact person? If possible also representative in Germany.
We would really appreciate your support.

All the best,

Do you already know this link?
Regards Andreas

Yeah, thanks @andreas.geiger
I’m familiar with the site. Yet was hoping to get a direct contact in particular for person, who has presented during the IFC Dev. Call. Maybe @berlotti could help?

Herman Oogink could might be able to help you out. I know he was involved with SAF.

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Thank you for your hint @Hans_Lammerts .
I have already contacted him per LinkedIn. Leon gave me a hint on his LinkedIn.