Infra Room Steering Committee election

Infra Room SC

Infra Room Election Results

Tiina Perttula and Philip Jackson are re-elected. New appointees are Jurgen Litsch, Roland Moser, Anna Neidenström, Marion Schenkwein and Marek Suchocki and they are going to bring a completely fresh perspective to the team.

We thank all 12 candidates that put themselves forward for election and for those that were not elected this time, they are still very welcome to participate in the Room activities or indeed any of our other domains.

The full Infra Room Steering Committee now consists of:

  • @PhilJ Philip Jackson UK & Ireland Chapter
  • Jürgen Litsch Strabag AG
  • @Tristan.McDonnell Tristan McDonnell Arup
  • Roland Moser Swiss Federal Railway
  • Anna Neidenström Trafikverket
  • @tiina.perttula Tiina Perttula Finland Chapter
  • @JimPlume Jim Plume Australasia Chapter
  • @mschenkwein Marion Schenkwein Väylävirasto
  • Marek Suchocki Autodesk
  • @yabuki Nobuyoshi Yabuki Japan Chapter

We extend a big thank-you to Ronald Bergs and Benno Koehorst who step down

Christophe Castaing also steps down as he now works for the bSI Management Office as Release Manager and Stakeholder liaison on the IFC 4.3 Delivery Program.

The Room Steering Committees are the executive body that set the long term plan for the domain because they are from the industry and understand the challenges that can be solved with digital ways of working. They own the long term Roadmap and they oversee the projects that deliver against that Roadmap.

Our very best wishes for this team and we’re looking forward to working with you on the delivery of new openBIM standards