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IfcDoc cross-platform implementation

Good morning all! I i specifically referring to this issue here:

I understand there is a scarcity of resources. Perhaps if some of the core maintainers (@TLiebich) could suggests a roadmap, the community can help start porting this tool along with the new overall strategy of how to host the IFC specs.

From my understanding this is the current preferred approach:

  1. The IFC spec changes into a git-tracked repo with smaller, easier to manage XML chunks.
  2. Maintainers of current IfcDoc write a list of MVP usecases to implement for a new, cross-platform IfcDoc
  3. The new IfcDoc starts being built, reading from the IFC spec git repo. Whatever technology it uses, it should be cross-platform. A frontend can be built for the web to make it easy for everybody to experiment with, but it should be built in a fashion that is decoupled from application logic, to allow for future frontends.
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@stefkeB, @Moult, @TLiebich, @jwouellette, @pipauwel, @Ali_Ismail @IFCWebServer, It seems that a few works on this and I think is a good idea if we have a web-based/semantic web IfcDoc, but with “Function as a Service” methodology which technical teams be able to work on and improve a piece of codes/functions/extensions constantly. It will speed up IFC Schema development

Also, I believe that IFC schema is like PHP and MySQL when they found that they have some issues and other languages and databases are better and started to improve themselves as fast as they could. For instance, as our startup team said, now PHP7 and MySQL8 are better and solved some issues
So, IFC needs the same strategy too. Needs “a new” structure