IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY - 6th parameter to be default

I have a sample which uses

  /* #1000= IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY('1kTvXnbbzCWw8lcMd1dR4o',$,'P-1','sample proxy',$,#1001,#1010,$,$); */ /* <<<< This was OK */
     #1000= IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY('1kTvXnbbzCWw8lcMd1dR4o',$,'P-1','sample proxy',$,$    ,#1010,$,$);

I don’t want to specify the 6th parameter to IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY - the global coordinate system is to be used.
The Standard states that 6th parameter is optional - but how do I write it? Itried ‘$’ etc., but the IFC validator always complains (Validator).

True. There is a formal rule in the schema defining that “If a Representation is given being an IfcProductDefinitionShape, then also an ObjectPlacement has to be given”.


But the placements in IFC are typically hierarchical following the containment+decomposition structure of the building. So what you can do is relate to the placement of the IfcBuilding (for example) with an “identity” relative placement (Location=0,0,0; Axis&RefDirection=$)

I wonder if you are trying to describe a library object? This have representations but no location. So you need IfcBuildingELementProxyType.

You should also review the subtypes of IfcElement(Type) to find out something better than IfcBuildingElementProxy(Type).