IfcAsset and IfcInventory SW implementation

Hello to everybody,

Does someone know about some SW implementation enabling the mapping or creation of the following IfcGroup subtypes:

  • IfcAsset
  • IfcInventory

Thanks in advance


Would you be interested in collaborating to implement it in the BlenderBIM Add-on? I’d be keen if you’re up for it!

Thanks, Dion! Unfortunately, my programming skills are still travelling from another galaxy to reach me on time for that… BlenderBIM addon is evolving very fast! :wink:

Not sure if that’s what you are looking for exactly but in Renga it’s somewhat technically possible to map any System (typically used for mep stuff) to any class from IfcGroup hierarchy (IfcInventory or IfcAsset in particular) with the desired PredefinedTypeEnum value. It’s not possible to control its attributes, however.

@Moult Huh, I could’ve sworn I’ve seen custom grouping functions in BlenderBIM Add-on and usual remapping using ui

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