Revit MEP to IFC2x3 Parameter populating


I am very new to IFC and this is the first project I have been asked to map and populate Revit parameters in order to prepare for exporting IFC file that will be used by client for FM.
I have been using this page “standards. buildingsmart” to find corresponding “IfcExportAs” and “IfcExportType” for the different revit categories / elements in my revit model.
There are number of elements that I am struggling to find correct entities for, such as CCTV cameras , dosing
there don’t seem to be a section for security elements .
Am i looking at this the wrong way? or I just need to guess where everything fits in?
my second question, is this a manual process?

Thanks for your help in advance

This is a vendor-/product-specific issue normally handled by your product vendor. You could start by looking at the Autodesk Revit IFC Manual found here:
Now Available: Autodesk Revit IFC Manual Version 2.0 – Revit

Your other option is to look into the bSI Knowledge Base to see if any other Revit users have posted something:
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CCTV cameras should be IfcAudioVisualAppliance with predefined type of CAMERA.

You can use the free BlenderBIM Add-on resource to help you quickly search: BlenderBIM Add-on - Which IFC class should I use?

The BlenderBIM Add-on also has a built in search when assigning items.

In Revit, there is the IFC Options mapping table however we’ve discovered that even if the consultants use the right Revit category for everything, simply because Revit categories are less specific than IFC classes and predefined types, it’ll still be wrong in a good deal of cases, so the only solution seems to be a manual process. Keep in mind you only need to do it at the type level, not the instance, so it’s significantly faster than you might think. will help describe the many “gotchas” there are in Revit. If you’re using the latest Revit some of these have been fixed, but not all. Also, the IfcExportAs psets are not exported by default, but I highly recommend you enable them in your user defined psets text file because then after you export the IFC, you can create a schedule of exported IFC class vs the IfcExportAs/IfcExportType property and see where Revit failed to follow the parameter - it happens more often than you might think.

We provide guides to all Revit consultants who have to follow this process, if you’d like I can share them with you.

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Client has specifically asked for IFC2x3
I can’t find some of these type, as these are for the newer versions of IFC, if I am not wrong
I will be very helpful to see your guides, as I am very new to IFC, if fact this is my first project
Thanks again for your help