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IFC modeling questions


I have a couple of questions regarding IFC4 HVAC domain:
1, IfcActuator is connected to IfcValve via IfcRelFlowControlElements, but how to associate IfcValve with IfCcoil?
2, how to model vfd (variable frequency drive)? I currently have IfcFan and IfcElectricMotor, but not sure how to model the vfd.
3, how to model filter pressure drop sensor? Basically there are two pressure sensors before and after the filter.
4, how to model a dynamic setpoint and associate it with say, IfcSensor? (example is AHU supply air static pressure reset, so the setpoint is constantly changing)
I’m new to this forum, so I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions? Any pointer I would really appreciate it!


For the first point I would use ‘HasPorts’ even with the relationship between IfcActuator and IfcValve.
“An IfcPort provides the means for an element to connect to other elements”


Hi, Ruben,

Thanks for your reply! However, I was not asking about Actuator and Valve, as the relationship of the two should be IfcRelFlowControlElements.

Still, how to associate IfcValve with IfcCoil?




I think basic questions here is what kind of MEP gadget you are modelling? Basically we in MagiCAD (a MEP tool) don’t make relations between separate parts (in your case fan+electric motor or valve+coil). Instead we are using (if exist) ready made compos (as IfcCoolingBeamType which in practice contains coils, valves, supply air device…).
Basically for us (now I am talking from MEP engineering point of view) fan+motor is one product: a motorized fan -> IfcFan

Other question is what you like to do with Ifc model? Is it enough that you have valve or should there be valve+motor separately?