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Web-based or a non-web-based IFC editor


Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a web-based or a non-web-based IFC editor to be able to view and edit Ifcs and their parameters and values easily and also export them to Excel

Something like this video (please note that this just for show my issue, not advertising or something like this)

I want to be able to drag and drop IFC extensions/pars and see their properties and edit them and export them part by part

For instance, IfcDoor, IfcWindow, …

It will speed up IFC and also IFD development and finally Digital Schemes globally. Do you know any editor?

Do you think what I’m talking about is “IDM Configurator/Toolkit? Or something like this?”

IDM Configurator/Toolkit

One of the ideas behind what I offer is something like “Microservice” or “Function as a Service - FaaS”. Each group has the ability to build, edit and develop part of the IFC file.

Kind regards,



Hello Ehsan,

You can use IFCWebServer ( , which is web-based and free to use to achieve some of the tasks you described in your post.

You can visualize IFC models online and view and edit their properties and you can export the properties in HTML/CSV(Excel) format.

Have a look at these 2 Videos:

BIMReporter interface

Export query results to Excel

This workflow is limited to get information from IFC models and not to create IFC models from scratch in a collaborative process and there is no drag and drop function. The user should define a filter expression to select the objects.

If you need any further help you contact me

Ali Ismail

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Thanks Ali, you developed useful tools, and I think it has the potential to be interactive and drag and drop like

Will contact you soon