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IFC Development Monthly Call - Scheduled Topics

As outlined by @berlotti in our first call in April, here is the proposed list of topics/agendas for each monthly call:

  • April 2020: Intro
  • May 2020: Do will still want/need objectified relations and their GUIDs?
  • June 2020: Late-binding solution
  • July 2020: How best to represent object colors?
  • August 2020: Do we want/need IfcOwnerHistory?
  • September 2020: Resolving overlap of geometric representations IfcAdvancedBrep, IfcFacetedBrep, IfcTessellatedFaceSet, and subtypes.
  • September 2020 (ISG): First view of proposed modular IFC5 beta schema
  • October 2020: Structural Analysis in IFC

Other suggestions are welcome for November and after.

Remember to refer to the GitHub repository when considering other discussions. Obviously, not everything can be discussed in monthly calls, but the more complex ones seem to be best suited for this type of attention.

The semi-annual ISG/MSG in-person meetings will be more intense with longer discussions of more topics. Seeing how things worked out for the last Vilnius meeting (we think well), we will try to move forward with future meetings in a similar fashion.

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I would like to raise the topic of the Ifc Constraint model. In essence I believe that Constraints should sit alongside Spatial, Physical and Process schemas as fully managed entities. Constraints can modeled independently or integrated with the others. The schema a has been used integrated into a parametric bridge model (TUM & AEC3) and independently in the US SmartCODES Project (ICC and AEC3) . If we anticipate supporting Digital Twins, it is technically and ethically vital that the objectives should be explicitly represented.

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