IFC 2D geometry - Floorplan


Does anyone is aware of a way or a tool that a 2D floorplan can be created from an IFC file (2x3 or 4x3) ?

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@agviegas IFC.JS
IFC.JS Floorplan

BlenderBim - Beginner Tutorial - Floor plan - in 20mins - YouTube

In addition, the drawing generation system (IfcOpenShell) that runs behind the BlenderBIM Add-on can be scripted, run headlessly, or automated.

There is a nice tool from South Korea called DComposer (drawing composer) which will generated PDFs of floor plans, elevations and sections from IFC files.

Its purpose is to allow automated compliance checking, followed by signing and stamping of the corresponding drawings.

BricsCAD BIM imports IFC models as native entities, so you can generate 2D drawings the same way as for a native BricsCAD BIM model. (Including ‘Typed Plans’ to automatically generate different types of 2D floorplans, like fire/acoustic/insulation/different LOD’s/…) The 2D drawings will be DWG-files.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.