4D BIM scheduling export as IFC?

Hello everyone ,
After scheduling project activities in any planning software, I am trying to export it as ifc format so that I can visualise the ifc time related entities such as ifctask, ifctime, ifcdate etc in the notepad, as I want to extract the information about the noise sources (my master thesis) from that particular file. But the problem is schedule is exported in either csv. or MS power project format and I am unable to get this ifc file.

What is the possible solution for this?

Thank you.


hello ali_usman, the planning data and object data is separated in the IFC-structure. I mean, there is no Pset to contain this data. And there is no way to export a MS Project-planning to IFC according to me. There is however a good video to show what is possible respecting the IFC data schema : BIM 4D Animation with BlenderBIM - A quick Guide (IFC 101 - E.07) - YouTube I hope this video can help you with your master thesis!

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The open source project Ifc4D in IfcOpenShell supports Microsoft Project to IFC conversion. You can access this in the BlenderBIM Add-on https://blenderbim.org or IfcOpenShell/src/ifc4d/ifc4d at v0.7.0 · IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell · GitHub via code.

If instead you mean Asta Power Project, Ifc4D supports that too.