How to find the full text of a concept usage excerpt in an ifc specification?

For example, the page for IfcElementAssembly in IFC (apparently I can’t include links in a post??) discusses the aggregation concept usage under §
This starts out with “This is a further elaboration on an inherited concept.” and then states “The table above only represents …”. But the table above is omitted in the excerpt. Where and how can I find the full text with the table.

This in an issue apparently that has been around for some time going back to the IFC4 version of the specification:

I would simply propose to remove the sentence refering to the table. If you want you can edit it right away here and propose a fix for the issue: IFC4.3.x-development/ at master · buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development · GitHub

Addendum 1 has it. I guess this was a bug. I can look into it.

Guess it is still there just did not make it into the documentation:

Thanks for the help.
I understand now that this text was not some excerpt from a full text about aggregation.

Through Google I could find that similar tables existed for other objects like IfcProjectOrder, IfcDistributionSystem, IfcElectricGenerator. It might have been an overall decision to delete these tables from the Concept Usage paragraphs. In that case the IfcElementAssembly text might be needing editing.

Sorry but as I am completely new to IFC I don’t feel ready to do any editing myself.