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Hello, @hkreienbrink

@mirbek.bekboliev suggested me to address my request regarding the potential mapping implementation of IfcElementAssembly within Graphisoft Archicad.

When modeling building element parts, such as columns or beam segments, especially in precast systems there is a need to map those geometry instances into the suitable IFC Entity or class. Since GS Archicad also introduced the Beam and Column Segment, there is also a clearer way to achieve this kind of systems, whether you are an Architect or an Structural Engineer using this BIM Authoring tool.

The IfcElementAssembly class (see the Entity definition in the already GS AC certified IFC4 ADD2 TC1 Reference View MVD IfcElementAssembly (buildingsmart.org) covers the following PredefineType values, as its IfcElementAssemblyTypeEnum shows:

On the other hand, the IFC Project Manager shows the following information:

And there is no way to map to this class using the Type Mapping setting in the Export Translator.

In my opinion, this is a necessary feature for those who are involved in the production of highly granular information models based on IFC Schema.

Mapping is just that: a correlation between 2 items from different taxonomies. The required knowledge behind each of them should be identified as something assumed by the AEC expert who is modeling (construction knwldg, but also standardized semantics).

IMO, IfcBuildingElementPart as subtype of


An element component is a representation for minor items included in, added to or connecting to or between elements, which usually are not of interest from the overall building structure viewpoint. However, these small parts may have vital and load-carrying functions within the construction. These items do not provide any actual space boundaries. Typical examples of IfcElementComponents include different kinds of fasteners and various accessories.

does not cover the modelling of basic and not so small elements, modelled or not with the Beam or Column segment AC tool, that configure a bigger system, structural or not, and cannot be mapped as complete IfcColumn or IfcBeam because are part of a bigger and more complex element.

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I don’t see a possibility to create an Assembly via the IFC Assignments. You can define an arbitrary Group, but that is probably not what you want to achieve.


Hi, Stefan

No, of course not.
I’m just asking for the mapping feature from the authoring tool for this particular class.

HI, I need to involve soem of my HU collegues.

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Thanks @hkreienbrink !
That active feedback would be much appreciated.
We’ll stay tuned.