How can I control the IFC pipes colors (Revit to ArchiCAD)

Hello friends! I am a beginner working with IFC and I have a question.

Can anyone tell me which IFC parameter allows me to control the graphic colors of the surface of objects in Revit that I want to be shown in other BIM software?

For example, I want that in a Hydrosanitary project that I did using Revit, which I have exported to IFC, the sewer pipes are green and those of cold water blue when opened in ArchiCAD. But this is not working.

In Revit filters (hot water = red, cold water = blue, sewage = green)

In archiCAD (hot water = beige, cold water = blue, sewage = blue)

I’m mapping the layers of each type of system in Revit, so that in ArchiCAD everything is organized. Now I need to control the colors that will appear in ArchiCAD.

For example, a cold water pipe connection in Revit contains the parameter IfcPresentationLayer = Pipe connection. When I import this IFC file into ArchiCAD, it will have the “Pipe connection” layer.

My intention is to create a parameter that also specifies the color that it will appear in ArchiCAD. Maybe some of the parameters like IfcPresentationItem, IfcPresentationLayerWithStyle or IfcSurfaceStyle will work, but I need to know how to use them.

Can I associate any of these parameters as a shared family parameter and determine a color for the element (as I do with IfcPresentationLayer to determine the Layer)?

I want to put images here to show better my problem, but i can’t. :confused:

Long story short, Revit has problems with colours and materials. This has cropped up many, many times already on this forum, and on other forums.

We really should just collect all these links in one place so that the next time we can just point them to the list, and you can just see which one applies to your scenario. I’ve actually converted most of the conclusions from the forum posts into Revit bugreports, which I’ve linked below.

More reading:

To be a bit more constructive, would you mind attaching your IFC, and then we can review it to determine the exact problem? Once that’s determined, we can see what the fix is.

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Thank you for putting that together Moult! It is kind of frustrating colors have a lack of good support and implementation. Let color come into our beautiful world of bim. Kill black and white bim.

Its not that there is a need to standardize the color or materials of objects! This society of specialists should put ‘maintain assigned color/material’ higher on their shortlist of priorities and certification.

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