Free presentation on Intro to Native IFC

I recently gave a keynote presentation at the CAAD Futures 2021 event about an introduction to Native IFC and how to achieve it with 100% free software.

In short, Native IFC is 100% native OpenBIM authoring using IFC without any imports, exports, translations, or data loss, and a very different approach to traditional MVDs. We have been developing Native IFC using free software for about two years now in the OSArch community, across many disciplines including the generally lesser explored aspects of IFC, like costing, scheduling, LCA, FM, and more, and have seen a huge growth in interest in this native approach.

I thought I’d share this presentation for all those interested in what this can achieve, for those just beginning with OpenBIM who want more than “Translated OpenBIM” from Traditional BIM sources, and what the future of our industry could look like, when we are no longer hindered by lossy translations when collaborating with one another.