EXPRESS uses CorrectStyleAssigned instead of CorrectTypeAssigned

Looking at we see:

ENTITY IfcWindow
	CorrectStyleAssigned : (SIZEOF(IsTypedBy) = 0) 
OR ('IFC4.IFCWINDOWTYPE' IN TYPEOF(SELF\IfcObject.IsTypedBy[1].RelatingType));

… for IfcWindow and IfcDoor. Is this some legacy thing because they were styles in IFC2X3? Is there a reason for these not to be CorrectTypeAssigned instead of CorrectStyleAssigned?

This might seem like a detail, but is actually important for consistent WR parsing to ensure that the correct types are assigned.

I’m curious as to how this might work with the late-binding approach, which might also fix this in the process of doing late-binding.