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Existing projects about IFC MVD 'BIM to LCA'?

Good morning,

members of the German bS group ‘BIM and Sustainability’ have already developed concepts for a MVD for the process ‘BIM to Lifecycle Accessment’, which they would like to contribute to the international standardization. We therefore intend to prepare an activity proposal for the application “BIM to LCA”. Does anyone of you know existing international aproaches or groups in this area, with whom we should exchange our plans before the proposal is drafted? As spokeswoman for the German bS section ‘BIM and Sustainability’, I would be very happy to receive a short response.

Thanks very much and best regards,

Petra von Both


I would very much like to be part of this conversation too - LCA is very important to the company I work in and we would like to implement an OpenBIM approach to recording and analysing this data.

It’s about 3-4 years I’m in BLM, LCA and LCC atmosphere, so I haven’t seen any solution based on IFC
But IFC and gbXML play some roles here.

Based on my experience:

  1. We need a “combination of at least two schemas” --> Not IFC, nor gbXML, nor other schemas are not good enough for BLM, LCA, LCC, TCO, etc
  2. We need “Material Bank/Passport” --> Not just LBC, LEED, BREEAM material banks “without their 3D models”
  3. We need “Product Bank/Passport” --> Not just some Data/Information like PDT/PDS/PRD/etc “without its model with its advanced materials”
  4. We need extract Data/Information and Model from Ifc and gbXML files, especially building objects/components which today we see more and more solutions here
  5. We need “Facility Bank/Passport” --> That covers more information than just a certificate like LBC, LEED, BREEAM, etc
  6. We need better classification support from IFC

Hi @PvonBoth! It’s been a long time…

Have you tried to reach out to IFMA ( Or anyone over at the US General Services Administration (GSA) Office for Design & Construction ( There is also the NIBS Commissioning Industry Leaders Council ( and possibly some other interest at NIBS in other councils (try contacting Roger Grant @rgrant). The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) also has extensive work in this area ( in regards to power consumption.

I think for success in the bSI Standards Process it is a great idea to bring a number of international partners on board to show the community and Standards Committee the global applicability of the idea.

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