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Excel file for requirements on object positioning

Does anyone have access to this excel file referred in the RWR-IFC_Rail-Requirement_Analysis_Report.pdf, statement below:
"5.5 Detailed requirements for object positioning The requirements for the positioning of the objects on object type level, per domain, are shown in excel files at "
(my forum login does not seem to work for the above link.)

If yes, please share it.
Thanks in advance.

Warm regards,

Dear Chandra,

the link works but leads to a project-internal workspace. Thus, @Benzcly might be able to resolve the issue or at least can decide how to grant public access to the document.
Maybe @feiwang, @Evandro, or anybody else from the IfcRail TS team could help as well?


Thanks Sebastian!

Will wait for @Benzcly, @feiwang, @Evandro… to move the referenced excel file to public access.

Warm regards,