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ifcrail - Assigning classification

Hy, I wonder if somebody has already assigned ifc 4.3 classification to IFC Rail Project
WP2 – Data Requirements Report Element list?
For example:
IFC Rail Element IFC_Klass_4.3 Enum
Bird protection ifcDiscreteAccessory BIRDPROTECTION
Ripple control ifcDistributionSystem CONTROL
Protection element ??? ???
Protective barrier ??? ???
Protective boarding ??? ???
Protective canope ??? ???
Protective obstacle ??? ???

Because I did it for the Energy and I do not know if I am correct.
Hope someone can help me?

Kind regards,

Hello 89Jaka,

Mapping data requirements to the new IFC Schema can either be documented
in the “RWR-IFC_Rail-Mapping_Diagrams_Report.pdf” report or in the BIMQ database used internally to organize future property sets. The former is ongoing (IFC 4.3 is a release candidate so far) and the latter is… ongoing (mapping property sets is a planned activity for Q1 2021).
You might check with your organization whether you can get involved in the current IFC 4.3 effort?