Electrical distribution board in IFC2x3CV2.0?

Which is right entity class to presenting electrical distribution board in IFC2x3 CV2.0? I think that IfcElectricDistributioPoint would be best choice but that entity class has left out of CV2.0.

For 2x3 we also use “IfcElectricDistributionPoint”.
We had to change it in IFC4 ADD2 TC1 (official) to “IfcElectricDistributionBoard”.
Unfortunately it seems that we have to change it again, when i’m looking forward to IFC4.3 RC2 (candidate) => “IfcDistributionBoard”

@JPa I’ve found that regardless of the MVD the vendor claims to support, you can most likely just use the class IfcElectricDistributionPoint safely and it’ll always work. Go ahead and use it and don’t worry too much about the MVD :slight_smile:

@dwampfler would you be interested in helping contribute to the open source IfcOpenShell IFC version migrator utility to help people automatically upgrade these entities correctly?