IfcDistributionPort related to IfcTypeObject

Hello there. I have a question about the placement of an IfcDistributionPort.

In this case, the IfcDistributionPort (#292) is associated to a TypeObject, IfcAirTerminialType(#286). The IfcAirTerminialType(#286) is used to define the IfcAirTerminal (#331).
The IfcDistributionPort (#292) has a local placement (#291).

Should the IfcDistributionPort (#292) be placed in the space of the IfcAirTerminal (#331)?
In case the IfcAirTerminialType(#286) is referenced by multiple IfcAirTerminial elements, should the port be placed in each local space of the element?

Thank you for your help.

Toni Qin

/* The air terminal occurrence is instantiated, with reference to its type. */
#331= IFCAIRTERMINAL('1mF0_JbLzBtAZ0GUOlCFEx',#209,$,$,$,#376,#336,$,.NOTDEFINED.);
#333= IFCRELDEFINESBYTYPE('3N14r06YX9o8jZ1KyiNaMP',#209,$,$,(#331),#286);

#286= IFCAIRTERMINALTYPE('1FESQ2M9vC7xYWZpI_LlCh',#209,'Acme Diffuser 1234','Ceiling diffuser',$,(#260,#269),(#285),$,$,.DIFFUSER.);
#287= IFCRELNESTS('3AlMGNAK5EXBgBfP5B8O1x',#209,$,$,#286,(#292));

#292= IFCDISTRIBUTIONPORT('0lCGSOGtb4mu56WSeYuzNg',#209,'Inlet',$,$,#291,$,.SINK.,.DUCT.,.AIRCONDITIONING.);


I use IfcDistributionPort in types (here IfcAirTerminalType) and also in every instance (here IfcAirTerminal).
I use it inside types as a template and inside instances for connectivity between the instances (of different types).

Thank you, Bernhard, for sharing the usage.
When referenced by a Type object (IfcAirTerminalType), can I treat the IfcDistributionPort a Type object as well? (I don’t see there is a Type for IfcDistributionPort).
When display, should we show this Type referenced IfcDistributionPort (a position) in a graphic view? For example in this file, there are four IfcDistributionPort objects. Three are referenced by Elements, one is referenced by a Type. I think we should show three port positions in the graphic view, not the one for the Type object. Would like to hear your thoughts.

Hi Toni,

IfcDistributionPort is derived from IfcProduct ( IfcProduct - IFC4.3.1.0 Documentation)
IfcTypeProduct has no derived element for Ports ( IfcTypeProduct - IFC4.3.1.0 Documentation)
IfcTypeProduct inherits e.g. IfcDistributionElementType ( IfcDistributionElementType - IFC4.3.1.0 Documentation)

I would display ports of IfcAirTerminal in a view for instances (the model)
and ports of IfcAirTerminalType in a view for Type-definitions.

Hope this helps.

Thank you again, Bernhard!
Those are reasonable expectations for how to display the Port in different views.
We can handle them accordingly.