Demand-driven Facility Management process in IFC

I’m trying to create a demand-driven Facility Management, based on sensor-data. I created PropertySets for my sensors including limit values and information about the protocol etc.
FM-processes (as cleaning) shall start when the sensor has reached limit values. I tried to let an event start within the propertyset of my sensors, but that doesn’t work. Is there a possibility to add an “task” or “event” to my propertysets? Or is it better to create a “deman-driven distribution control domain for FM”, using IfcEvent and putting my sensors via IfcRelAssignsToProduct (my sensor) to the event?
I am grateful for any ideas.
Thank’s in advance and kind regards

I am not aware of any IDM/MVD specification or less formal (local/regional) Information Delivery Specification related to the capture of data or application of sensor data. As a result, the decision about how to process whatever data you wish within a model is, in my view, 100% your decision. Since the information requirements have not been established by MVD, implemented in all compliant software, tested in that software, and then delivered through the design and construction process the data that must be delivered to take whatever action -your specific software- will use, is up to you to choose.