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This is an embarrassingly simple request. I have mislaid my bSI lapel pin. Where can I buy a replacement?

Robert - I have some extra in the US. I’ll try to keep a few with me in case you will be at BIMForum next week in St Louis.

James, that is a very generous offer. I won’t be in STL, but maybe I can make good on your offer when we see each other again!

PS: have you been following the CEN 17412 standards on “Niveau d’Information Requis - Concepts et Principes”? They recently had a meeting, but I admit I was a wimp and couldn’t get up at 3 am for a Zoom meeting (!)

Lapel pins… ?? Wear a t-shirt if you want to make a statement!
! :stuck_out_tongue:

CEN/TC 442/WG2/TG1 on “level of information need” met on Sep. 11, 2019 in Vienna (Austria). The text is in the final days of enquiry.

Hi, Stefan.

I reviewed an earlier draft of TC442. I admit I had some problems with it, mostly having to do with the subjective way it was structured, i.e., I didn’t see how it could be put into automated model testing.