bSI and GS1

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Bsdd access for products and classification standard / bsdd guid vs ifc guid - #22 by VladimirAlexiev)

Does anyone have info about cooperation between bSI and GS1 (the standard setting organization in transport and logistics)? Please post some links!
Here are some:

At GS1 central:

At GS1 Ireland:

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Do you know of works or data integration for “transport/logistics + construction/maintenance”?
It seems to me that enriching BIM/BMS data with GS1 identifiers is a great idea.
Can we collaborate on this topic?

One more link to the collection buildingSMART and GS1 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance global standards in the construction sector - buildingSMART International, even though it was some time ago already. BTW, the scope of GS1 is much bigger than transport and logistics.

The intention is to integrate GS1 and bSDD, but it is not yet achieved. Please share your ideas!

Michel Bohms wrote: Various initiatives in nl especially related to ETIM IDs/classifications.

To compare use google translate on: Productclassificaties: waarom standaardisatie (zoals GS1 & ETIM) een goed idee is (translation: Product classifications: why standardization (such as GS1 & ETIM) is a good idea)

Etim is one of national “digiDeals” at: Overzicht digiDeals | digiGO ( (translation: Overview digiDeal): Roll-out of ETIM+ in the construction industry (Pitch: Hedy van Opzeeland)

Also deal for “transport sector” over there.

My comments:

  • “PAB2 and BMEcat file formats are widely used to exchange ETIM data.”
    • I know ECLASS, which is based on the PLIB standard and ECLASS product catalogs on BMEcat
  • “The BMEcat format also supports ETIM-MC, an extension that makes it possible to generate 3D objects for use in Building Information Modeling (BIM).”
    • That’s interesting! PLIB has some features to represent geometry aspects, but I didn’t think it can capture BIM geometry
    • I now browsed around ETIM and I see SVG and PDF component drawings…
  • I’m not sure against which GS1 standard ETIM is being compared

scope of GS1 is much bigger than transport and logistics


  • Tracing and tracking of any object (product, container, asset), document (invoice, PO, certificate) or person. Within companies and other locations (plant, warehouse, port, ship berth, gate, door, etc).
  • Also representing product characteristics (GS1 Voc and older data standards).
  • Resolving barcodes and RFIDs to web links and RDF master data (Digital Links).
  • Product classification and some characteristics (GPC).

The intention is to integrate GS1 and bSDD

That’s very interesting! Another topic to discuss at LDAC.
I think we also need to consider:

  • Product description standards (PLIB, Parcelized POM, BMEcat) and catalogs (ECLASS, ETIM, IEC CDD)
  • OTL and Specification libraries (@MichelBohms)

BTW, what is our involvement with GS1: Ontotext was active in

  • the semantic rendition of GS1 EPCIS (JSON-LD, ontology, SHACL, examples JSON->JSONLD->Turtle)
  • mapping of GS1 identifiers to (extended) GS1 Voc classes.