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Rob Snyder has a series of good writings and nails the problems our beloved ‘…AEC industry’ faces (i personally hate that expression as it ‘boxes in’). This one is the latest. Enjoy the read! Worth it.

My favorite article is this one below. An academic view on why drawings vs models can’t be compared to lets say ‘vinyl’ versus ‘cd’. Fusion of media is what is really going in AEC industry and everywhere else (detaches from internet) Ifc and bsa play a small part in this orchestra. Improvise and adept,… fast! ( or die trying)

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There’re some problems and still, some insist on their mistakes.

I asked this question a couple of days ago:

Does it odd to you too?
After years we’re at the same point in the digital built environment industry?
Do you know any rule checking system works?
Do you know any automation and control system that is efficient?
Do you know any file format and its schema that fits for today’s needs?

So, they realized it but buildingSMART, Autodesk, Graphisoft (Nemetschek), …, all want to solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking they used when they created them

> We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

Those who created the problems, and insist on their mistakes, want to solve the problems!!! I hope they do!!!

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Thank you Hans!

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

Einstein! Of course we interpret what Einstein says, reasonably. For example, we don’t interpret Einstein to have meant that mathematics and mathematical thinking should be discarded (not to be used, because that’s the same kind of thinking that brought us to a problem).

He didn’t mean that we are to throw away things wholesale. In his case rather, he kept mathematics and mathematical thinking intact, but both used them in new ways, and extended them, to places they hadn’t reached before.

Perhaps that’s a more precise way of getting to the meaning of Einstein’s remark.

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

Also, as you know Einstein wasn’t good enough in advanced mathematics, so his first wife helped him a lot.

So it means that cooperation matters, instead of insisting on mistakes or following things without cooperation

From early days when I joined to bSI forum, I shared the solution, but they didn’t count on it and still do:

I shared “micro-service” as a solution, which even today we see @jonm has started to re-build IfcDoc and IFC in the same way,
And @Moult shared some invaluable practical examples too

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