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BIM History recordings

BIM / Autodesk and Bentley hidtory. Does anybody know more intressting recordings? Very honest public opinions and true statemrnts. The man in the middle mentions some MIT website. But i can’t fully hear what he says…

Discussions that go back 15 years and more…

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Fun find, @Hans_Lammerts! Thanks for sharing.

Not a recording, but I’ve always enjoyed reading John Walker’s (ADSK co-founder) “The Autodesk File” for bits of history like this.

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Not a mention of BIM there somewhere…? Keep digging :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe not in name, but arguably in spirit. For example, from “CAD: The Heart of Computer Science”:

Can we not imagine a geometry-based CAD system evolving into a system which describes physical objects, and knows about the various ways in which they interact (and can be taught about interactions as we define new forms of geometry today)? Such a system would encompass all of what a CAD system does today, and would provide a common user interface and model for working with reality represented in a database…

…It is time to start considering that we are in the business of bottling reality. If we accept the premises and conclusions of this paper, we should begin to undertake the representation of physical reality within our system, and provide the hooks which allow modeling and simulation to be added on to the system as easily as one adds geometric operations today.

That was 1986. :man_shrugging:

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There are several major events in the history of BIM. Many view Chuck Eastman’s Building Description System (BDS) in 1974/1975 as the beginning of BIM. A good reference is the foreword of the BIM Handbook 1st Edition and Section 9.2 “BIM Before 2000” of the BIM Handbook 3rd Edition. An official document that used the term BIM (building information model) as we use today is the National BIM Guidelines of the Netherlands published in 1989. The first academic paper that used the term BIM is “Modelling multiple views on buildings” published in 1992 by van Nederveen and Tolman. In 2003, Autodesk, Bentley, and Graphisoft (via Cyon Research Corporation) published white papers on BIM, respectively. You can still easily find a copy of the white papers from the internet. I hope this helps.

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See also

Here is a nice record of the major software companies discussing and agreeing on the term “BIM”.