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Assigning Value to Description for the ifcElement ifcProject, ifcSite and ifcBuilding in Telka

Is it possible to assign a value to Description for the ifcProject, ifcSite and ifcBuilding in Tekla, if so how?
Our client specifically asks to fill in a certain value here, but this seems impossible with Telka. The field ‘Description’ is an optional field for IFC2x3, just like the field ‘Name’.

When you do work it out, please share it on! We are documenting how to best use applications to produce OpenBIM data, especially when documentation from the vendor is lacking.

…or if you don’t: Use some notepad to edit the IFC directly (example attached).

We should not forget about authorship and change’s log when doing these additional editing steps.

What do you mean by this remark DavidDelven? Would you like to explain this further?

I mean that with the state of the art in terms of the current workflows and technology (file exchange based on IfcProject level), who can assure that any data enrichment has been made by one particular author? The potential solution provided by @fmohus is an example of how that resulting IFC lacks log about who enriched afterwards, which values and when.

Thank you for your explanation. I understand your concerns, but this workaround will have to be done if the native software is unable to fill the fields required by the client.

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@FujinTux did you work out how to do it natively via the vendor software? Or did you have to resort to the workaround in the end?

If it is indeed a workaround, perhaps we can add it as an IfcPatch recipe - that way we can direct users to a easy, graphical one-click tool when they need to apply this workaround in the future instead of asking them to edit the IFC with a text editor.