A tree structure diagram example & images...


After some studies into BIM there’s something I’d like to see & haven’t found yet, a diagram showing how an assembly is numbered.

I understand a layout like this could reference 100 000+ files/parts - which is why diagrams don’t exist? (what does this folder/file structure look like on a computer?)

Take a BIM numbering scheme, how is that applied to components in the real world?

Is there a break point where BIM numbering is not applied to components within a sub-assembly: like a lock in a door - the door supplier may include a lock with the door - the door has a BIM number - what happens if the lock needs to be replaced & an alternative traced using BIM - does the door get replaced because the lock isn’t referenced?

Does the lock need a BIM number?

And the key, & these would all be unique so unique numbers, for locks & keys?
What defines the cut off between BIM providing traceability & the suppliers maintaining Intellectual Property rights (to avoid a lock design being copied?).

Hopefully this makes sense, the reason for the question is an interest in part numbering. Developing a lock from concept would use part references far far away from BIM for the lock manufacturer - but at some point the component will be referenced within a BIM scheme?


Andrew CW