How to interpretate project, block and building number in the hierarchic structure IFC4?

Hello there! Currently, as a company, we are delving deeper into the IFC structures. This IFC structure provides us with guidance on where certain parameters with parameter values will be places. For physical objects such as walls, floors, roofs etc., this is quite clear. Now, within the structure, there are also various spatial fixtures needed to determine quantities, for example. The spaces themselves are fairly self-explanatory. But then comes our question: how do we interpret the higher levels? For us, there are three levels there: project level, block level and a construction number specific level. Within the construction number specific level, there can be various spaces again such as toilet, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc.
I’ve made an attempt to schematiccaly represent this (can’t post it in the topic?). However, i wonder if any of you might already have a better visualization of this and/or if it is present in the IFC4 structure itself.