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What about grids?

I’m having a hard time to get a decent view and grip on grids in IFC.
Both my viewers fail. According to the developers house these IFC exports are quite ok really.
I’m not a hardcore coder but the lines here look ok to me.

Grids are essential in the communication when designing and building things!
It must have been part of the certification proces. Are these viewer not certified? Any other thoughts?
I didn’t try Blender, Revit yet but maybe one of those display it better and have the right properties.

#74= IFCGRIDAXIS('A',#35,.T.);
#75= IFCGRIDAXIS('B',#38,.T.);
#76= IFCGRIDAXIS('C',#41,.T.);
#77= IFCGRIDAXIS('D',#44,.T.);
#78= IFCGRIDAXIS('E',#47,.T.);
#79= IFCGRIDAXIS('1',#50,.T.);
#80= IFCGRIDAXIS('2',#53,.T.);
#81= IFCGRIDAXIS('3',#56,.T.);
#82= IFCGRIDAXIS('4',#59,.T.);
#83= IFCGRIDAXIS('5',#62,.T.);
#84= IFCGRIDAXIS('6',#65,.T.);
#85= IFCGRIDAXIS('7',#68,.T.);
#86= IFCGRIDAXIS('8',#71,.T.);


They import and render well down here :wink:

Looking good Yorik. Does ifcgrid have a infinite height? Still visible when you are away from where is is drawn or something.

FreeCAD currently doesn’t have any form of “distance-trimming/dimming” so yes, you see it from anywhere in the 3D space. But I guess what you are asking is if they extend automatically to the bounds of your view? They currently don’t, but that’s something I’d like to implement at some point, also for the working plane grid that you see underneath in the above image. Once I figure out a way to achieve that, that is :slight_smile:

The thing is also that they have a fixed size stored in the IFC file, so it makes sense to respect that on import…

@Hans_Lammerts the grids are successfully imported into Blender :slight_smile: Note that Blender doesn’t currently add the grid symbol in the 3D view (it will, however, export it into a 2D view with the grid symbol), but the data is all there. Both files work.

For the record, your file grids are correctly imported into Revit - it doesn’t show in 3D, but that’s just an inherent Revit thing, but it will show correctly in 2D.