IFC Tutorial Examples

Hi everyone!

I am exporting the IFC4 file from Revit but sometimes I get the columns defined differently. The columns are mapped differently and there isn’t a unified representation of the columns.

I was wondering if anybody could help me understand how element representation from Revit works and lead me to a good example in C# on how to extract the start and end coordinates of the columns in an IFC4 file.

IFC can store geometry in many ways. It may store it as a mesh, or as a parametric extrusion, or as a primitive solid, or something else entirely.

If you can speak Python instead, this is a good crash course to get you started: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=IfcOpenShell_code_examples - there is a guide on how to get a dev environment set up within minutes. It’s all free software and works cross-platform, and an extremely powerful and capable toolkit.

The strange thing about this tutorial you linked to is that it uses an ifc file (file.ifc) that it parses throughout the whole tutorial. But I can’t find any link to that file. What am I missing?

@mickey58 any IFC file will work. You can find some sample IFC files at AEC Open Data directory - Wiki.OSArch