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Using ParameterTakesPrecedence in IfcWindowType and IfcDoorType

In IfcWindowType and IfcDoorType there is an attribute ParameterTakesPrecedence which, if I understand the specification correctly, is responsible for the possibility of parametric representation of window and door respectively. In IFC 2x3 there was an implementation agreement (CV-2x3-181), which actually cancelled it, because it allowed the host to always consider its value as false. Is the implementation agreement valid for IFC4? What do the authors of the specification plan for the future on this topic?

Good afternoon! Perhaps my question is inappropriate here. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me where to find the answer to that question.

Paging @TLiebich. Could you please clarify the situation with ParameterTakesPrecedence attribute & implementation agreement in question? We’ve dealt with a fair amount of interoperability issues caused by it in the past, your explanation would be greatly appreciated.

More generally, is it safe to say that every CV-2x3-* agreement is either directly implemented in newer IFC schema versions already or it is implicitly applied?