UNICLASS 2015 and Ifc

Hi guys

I am working in a project where UNICLASS 2015 is required. We implemented the classification on IfcClassification. I have two question:

  • is there a guide which shows how to use UNICLASS 2015 in a proper way? Elements, systems, products etc. Maybe a sample project as an Ifc?

  • is there a mapping table between UNICLASS 2015 and Ifc existing?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Chris,

We’ve done some work on mapping Uniclass 2015 to IFC. Some map one to one, many are more complex or subject to opinion or region/project requirements. You can see some evidence of this on this recording.

(142) IFC Creation of a Bridge Structure in Grasshopper driven by Uniclass Classification System - YouTube

We reached out to some in the community to try and stimulate a community project to manage/publish mapping. There was interest in reviewing/utilizing this, but no success yet in community contribution or advancement.

I believe there may have been discussions recently at some level between bSI and NBS, and it might be a community effort does advance some time soon.

Hope this helps in a small way. I also look forward to seeing this advance further ASAP.



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If you go to the NBS Uniclass website you can browsea and download Uniclass (not called Uniclass 2015 anymore) tables.
NBS have added some IFC2x3 mappings, and there is an article in preparation on the strengths and issues around this.


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thanks for the site. i know the content on nbs and allready working with this. but…
there is no guide how to work with UNICLASS in the proper way. in switzerland we have a classification for cost planning. there is a seperate documentation how to use this classification.

the article you mentioned about ifc mapping is a joke in my opinion…

@jonm a have an additional question. I am looking for a file (excel, csv, xml etc.) with mapping between classifications. For example uniclass to uniformat… Do you have such a mapping table?

It has been revised.

The BIMforum LOD Specifications Part 2 spreadsheet has been set up for Omniclass/Uniformat, but it also contains a mapping to Uniclass articles. It is pretty straightforward to get it into a mapping sheet, but beware that such mapping is in a single direction only.

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