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I am looking for information regarding correct and structured properties to include with our products. We make playground equipment placed mostly in the landscape, but we also offer solutions for indoor use.

Does anyone else, working with similar products, had any luck in finding information regarding this?

What I have found so far is mostly in the NS ISO standard ISO 23386 og ISO 23387.
“PDT Norge” is also an alternative which is working on a seperate system, but is not yet ready for use.

Hope to get in contact with more likeminded BIM-heads to discuss further!

I would recommend looking into the bSDD:

The bSDD supports 23386 and 12006-3 and is able to host PDTs.

Thank you berlotti,
I will check that out!

Hi @berlotti
I was hoping you could help me more on this topic.

I think I may be on the wrong track. I looked into ISO23386 and what I understand is that it is a way of structuring the data in a dictionary (I should have understood that from the title).

However, what I am essentially looking for is a standard for which of these properties I find in the bSDD I am to include with our playground equipment? Or is it just to include what we as a company think is the most relevant for our customers?


the ISO 23386 standard adds ‘attributes’ to properties. So when a property called ‘medium’ is published (for example in the bSDD); the publisher can add attributes to it like when it was created, what the applicable country is, add a reference document that explains more about how it is measured, etc… The attributes that can be added to that property (and any other property and class) are defined in the ISO 23386 standard.

Every property and class in the bSDD has fields for the ISO 23386 attributes, but not all publishers fill out all of those attributes (so some are empty). This is up to the owner of the standard/domain.

Does that answer your question?
I’m not sure I understand your use-case / question fully.

Hi @berlotti
Thank you, I think I understand it alot more now.

However, I think now that this is not applicable for me/us as a product manufacturer.
What I’m essentially looking for is which properties I am supposed to include with the .IFC files of our products. My guess is that we are suppsoed to use the bSDD and find properties based on for example warranty, materials and other related properties, and use it to properly fill out this information in accordance with the bSDD?

Basically we want to provide landscape architects with .IFC files of our products that contain the correct properties/information.

I may be in the wrong forum and please correct me if my statement is wrong.

Hi @Mathias,

I think you are looking for a specific standard on (Product) Data Template content, which would specify what data points would be exchanged. My understanding is that the ISO (P)DT efforts are on the methodology and formatting side, but I’m not sure what kind of work or traction standardized (P)DT content has been completed. It seems that (P)DT content standards could be based on national, regional, or local standards, or even based on what particular projects need from designers, contractors, and owners.

COBie is an example of one such standard, where data fields required from each building product type are specified. The US Army Corp of Engineers (and source of COBie) also produced a Specifier’s Properties information exchange (SPie) specification, but this is more of a US-centric effort.

I believe private companies like Cobuilder have their own PDT/DT/PDS format. More info here.

I think it is nearly impossible to have one (P)DT content standard for use across all domains, product types, projects, and jurisdictions, but the concept of leveraging the bSDD means that all your data can be made available and the project requirements (BIM Execution Plan) decide which data is used and exchanged in a project (via IDS).

Maybe someone from the Product Room would have better input/feedback. @rbaayen @frederic.grand @ESchulze?

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You hit the major issue on PDTs. It is indeed focussed on meta-data (attributes on classes and properties) but does not standardise the actual properties. This still needs to be done by the industry.

There are several thoughts about the best way to do this. Some countries or large clients want to define what they need, and mandate that to manufacturers. Other people think that manufacturers should come together and jointly define how they are going to deliver product data. Existing examples of the latter are eClass and ETIM for example.

From the buildingSMART perspective you can define PDTs (which are basically requirements for properties) in IDS and/or publish them in bSDD. bSDD is a publication service for these kind of standards. ETIM for example is also published in the bSDD.

More information about how IDS and bSDD (and IFC) are integrated can be seen here: buildingSMART's openBIM workflow explained by Léon van Berlo - YouTube

Since there is no formal serialisation for PDTs and the data yet, we obviously advise IDS and IFC.
Happy to help with a more concrete example/use-case if you want. Just email me.

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Thank you @berlotti and @jwouellette for valuable feedback! It is much appriciated

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