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[SOLVED] Where do I find computer interpretable pset assignments?

In the HTML spec, I can see that on the IfcWall page, the following psets apply to that element:

  • Pset_WallCommon
  • Pset_ConcreteElementGeneral
  • Pset_PrecastConcreteElementFabrication
  • Pset_PrecastConcreteElementGeneral
  • Pset_ReinforcementBarPitchOfWall

Is there another format, apart from the HTML spec, which lists out the applicable psets to each ifc entity? From what I can see, the available options such as XSD and OWL do not have this information. It would be good to provide this so that vendors can automatically extract this information and ensure that users are setting appropriate psets.

XML and XSD is NOT good choices, and still all insist on XML and even RDF-OWL

What are you talking about is exactly our R&D project #IfcXtreme

  1. - PSD XML Can find it on every Pset page. Link marked yellow.image

  2. mvdxml - definition in the MVD. Open the mvdxml Specification, also marked yellow.

  3. (mvdxml 1.2 draft) We are currently considering extending the mvdxml schema to also feature properties as individual concepts.

@sergej Does IFC is just based on XSD or have applied other solutions like Schematron too?

More info:

Thanks @sergej. Unfortunately, your first suggestion is not what I’m after. I’m not looking for a computer interpretable definition of a pset. Instead, I’m looking for a computer interpretable list of assignments of which psets are applicable to which IFC entities.

Your second suggestion is indeed what I am after. For others reading the thread, this is the part of the MVDXML that I am interested in:

<TemplateRule Parameters="PsetName[Value]='Pset_WallCommon'" />
<TemplateRule Parameters="PsetName[Value]='Pset_ConcreteElementGeneral'" />
<TemplateRule Parameters="PsetName[Value]='Pset_PrecastConcreteElementFabrication'" />
<TemplateRule Parameters="PsetName[Value]='Pset_PrecastConcreteElementGeneral'" />
<TemplateRule Parameters="PsetName[Value]='Pset_ReinforcementBarPitchOfWall'" />

However, to extract this data, it would require doing HTML scraping / parsing, and then an XML parsing. I wonder if there is a more direct way that this information is available? HTML scraping generally has a poor track record of reliability.

This is similar to a previous question I had about computer interpretable descriptions where a similar answer was given that I can extract it from scraping HTML. I might have to live with this solution but it isn’t ideal.

@ReD_CoDE, XML and XSD has been around a very long time, is plaintext, and can be parsed very easily in almost any environment. I’d say it’s a very good choice for an international standard.

Navigate to the picture above (Computer interpretable listings -> General Usage). You have two options here. Either the .mvdxml I mentioned earlier or Property and quantity templates in various formats. SPF, ifcxml, PSD, zip. You can pick the one you like most. :slight_smile:


Thanks @sergej ! I completely missed it! I’ve marked your reply as the solution :slight_smile: