Pset_ElectricalDeviceCommon on IfcDuctSegment

Hi all, I’m a longtime listener and first time caller.

I am gathering a full set of data parameters for all model elements and I cant help but notice that there are psets applicable to elements that I wouldn’t expect. For example, an IfcDuctSegment has Pset_ElectricalDeviceCommon, and therefore properties including RatedCurrent and RatedVoltage. I have never encountered a length of duct with an electrical connection before.

I appreciate that these Psets are derived from the IfcDistributionElement parent group which would contain elements with electrical connections but how would a user of the data interpret these property sets?

Should I assume that the inappropriate psets be ignored and the full list be treated as a list of picklist options to choose from, or is it deemed that all data parameters are included for an IfcDuctSegment but the entry be voided with ‘N/A’?

I use IfcDuctSegment as an example, but there are many other examples.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

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