Analysis of propertySets in bSDD

Related to Bsdd access for products and classification standard / bsdd guid vs ifc guid - #23 by VladimirAlexiev, I made some SPARQL queries to analyze propSets in the bSDD test instance.

You should be able to run them at I put them as Saved Queries (the “folder” icon on top right), and below are direct links to run them:

  • propSets: count of props (ClassificationProperty) by propSet. There are over 1000 propsets. The largest is “CPset_SBB” (3522 props), but the empty pset "" is also big (2341props), and there are 91625 props with no propSet at all
  • propSet-prefix: count of props and propSets by propSet prefix. The biggest prefixes are Pset, empty, CPset, NVDB, Qto, SGPset. There is also a prefix PSet(spelled differently).

I know Pset and Qto, but can someone describe what the others are?

  • NVDB includes propSets like NVDB_Bygning_65, NVDB_Busker_511, NVDB_BremsekjeglerSnøskred_846, NVDB_Branndetektor_478
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First of all, nice work!

Properties in bSDD can be independent beings without property set. They can also be grouped using class(ification) of type “GroupOfProperties”. The PropertySet attribute can only be added to ClassificationProperty, so when a Property is linked to a particular Classification. With that you indicated where you want that property to be stored in an IFC model, and you might want to store a “Height” under different property set for a wall and for a window.

“Pset_” and “Qto_” are reserved for IFC schema property sets. Users can define custom property sets such as “CPset_” or “NVDB_”.

NVDB is the domain of Norwegian Road DataBase and they went for such prefix and propertyset to their properties.

Hope that explains it.