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Phasing in IFC

Does IFC have a phasing concept? Where can info abut different phases in a renovation projecet be stored? Such phases can be “Existing”, “Deomlished” “New”.

Phasing is ‘time bounded’, i expect this not to happen in ifc. But i’m not an expert in the code. As a user i would just make a couple of seperate ifc files for pratical use. Why not?

From a quick glance at ifc4x3.exp schema

LifeCyclePhase IfcLabel Describes the applicable building life-cycle phase. Typical values should be DESIGNDEVELOPMENT, SCHEMATICDEVELOPMENT, CONSTRUCTIONDOCUMENT, CONSTRUCTION, ASBUILT, COMMISSIONING, OPERATION, etc.

Phase IfcLabel ? Current project phase, or life-cycle phase of this project. Applicable values have to be agreed upon by view definitions or implementer agreements.

It does. Look for the “Status” parameter in the common psets.

Status of the element, predominately used in renovation or retrofitting projects. The status can be assigned to as “New” - element designed as new addition, “Existing” - element exists and remains, “Demolish” - element existed but is to be demolished, “Temporary” - element will exists only temporary (like a temporary support structure).

Thank you all for answering! @tsolsen’s answer is what I was look for. Do you happen to know if it’s possible to get this correctly exported from Revit? The property values should be a PEnum_ElementStatus right? Looks like there are traces of it in the revit exporters code:

It is :slight_smile:

PropertySet: Pset_xyzCommon I IfcElement
Status Label Phase Created

Thanks, this gets the job done! To be 100 % correct this should be an IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue, not IfcPropertySingeValue right? This is what I get in my test export. (both v. 2x3 and 4)