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Part of ifc-model as JSON


Just read through the new technical page and noticed several times the word json. The background why I am asking is that we are plan to assign classifcation to ifc-Elements by querying a webservice. To transfer the data it is necessary to have like a snippet, with basic information about the project and relations/properties of the selected element(s).
I thought to check bcf-specification but I could not find a starting point. Does somebody use or also think about this problem?



I’ve been involved in some pilot projects utilizing IFC serialized in json.
It doesn’t look like I explicitly demonstrate that in this short recording but you might find it interesting.

There is some description within this technical paper for the BILT conference.

As I understand it, JSON doesn’t have an official way of common relationship referencing, so it’s better suited to localized snippets rather than entire project models.

I’m interested to also hear from others. Note that the json serializer developed by @timc located in IfcDoc can be used with the IFC c# classes that are also presently embedded within there. The GeometryGym dotnet toolkit also has work in progress functionality for serializing to json that was used in the work referenced above.



Thanks for your wonderful input and collecting the sources.

My point of view:

  1. transforming ifc to json(-ld) is technical possible (and existing) but it needs a specification of structure, that everybody use the same format?
  2. And a bit independent problem is, that I want to extract a ifcEntity with all its relationships/properties/QTO . But finally it is easy to isolate the entity and follow each relationship one time and append the relating entities as well :nerd_face: