limit of FillsVoids

Good day, colleagues. I want to describe in IFC format door in wall with wall’s covering. I place in model two opening element (one voiding the wall and one voiding the covering). One opening (Covering) filled with IfcDoor (create IfcRelFillsElement). But I have no possibility place in model second IfcRelFillsElement between IfcDoor and IfcWall. One element may fills only one void. Which is the best way to modelling that elements and relationships?


Two remarks:

  • Implementation will implicitly apply the opening element related to the host of the aggregation object. So assuming OpeningA and OpeningB are roughly equivalent, opening B is not required. I couldn’t find the note for this in the documentation, but the behaviour is universally implemented

  • When an object is an aggregation it shouldn’t have it’s own body representation, so probably you will want to represent the main body of the wall as another part within the aggregation.



Many thx. Now it’s clear.