IfcSpace with related BuildingStorey, how to find ?


I open my Ifc with an editor Notepad++ so i wanna find a IfcSpace by RoomNumber, that works fine f.e. “M031U1030” but how can i find the releated Building Storey ?

Thank you for any information



That will take more effort… why not just open the IFC file in a free viewer to see the spatial hierarchy?

a. Find lines containing IFCSPACE and find the room name in second single quotes. Note the number on the left #999.
b. Search for the string #999 in a row called IFCRELAGGREGATES
c. Note the number on its own just before the list , #888,
d. Search for a line #888 = IFCBUILDINGSTOREY
e. You will see the storey name in second single quotes.

In other words, the connection between the space and the storey is mediated by a third ‘relationship’ line. A lot of IFC works like this.

Find the IFC4.3 documentation and read some of chapter 4 on concepts and principles.