IfcSpace representations in Reference View

Do IfcSpaces in Reference View allow anything except IfcExtrudedAreaSolid/IfcRevolvedAreaSolid based on IndexedPolyCurves?

RV doc clearly states that only Body SweptSolid PolyCurve Geometry concept is applied. I am a bit confused seeing files exported from certified software with IfcSpaces represented by IfcTesseletedItems from time to time. :thinking: Am I missing something?

IFC2x3 or IFC4 certification? IFC2x3 CV2.0 IFC4 RV1.2

Are you looking at IFC2x3 or IFC4 files?

Also, are they IfcSpace objects or might they be Space Boundaries related to the Space?

I am talking only about IfcSpace objects in IFC4 RV1.2. Looking at concepts applicable to IfcSpace I don’t see Body Tesselation Geometry or Body Brep Geometry. Moreover, Body Tessellation Geometry concept is not applicable to IfcSpace even in IFC scheme.

According to the docs I am making a conclusion:

Q: How does one represent IfcSpace bodies in IFC4 RV1.2?
A: Using only Extruded Area solid based on IndexedPolyCurve profile

Q: How does one represent IfcSpace bodies in IFC
A: SweptSolid, Brep, or Clipping will do

And it’s impossible to use TessellatedItems for Body representations of IfcSpace neither in RV1.2 nor in IFC4.0.2.1

@GeorgDangl @linhard @steinmann Can any of you answer this question?

That’s a good question, unfortunately, I don’t know the answer😀 Maybe @mweise could help us out?

@claimred, could you provide us with such a file? Or tell us which authoring tool is exporting that way?

If you don’t mind, I would prefer someone to confirm that I’m not seeing things, RV1.2 doc is up-to-date and there is no special case somewhere that I’m not seeing. That would clear things up for us.

Are the following statements correct?

ExtrudedAreaSolid/RevolvedAreaSolid based on IndexedPolyCurve is the only allowed Body Representation for IfcSpace entities in RV1.2

Files with IfcSpaces with Brep or Tessellation bodies are not valid RV1.2 files

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