IfcRelConnectsElements issue

I have a steel plate which is bended to a circular steel beam. The connection point is welded. (please look at the picture).
I would like to make a relationship between the weld(IfcFastener) and the beam (IfcBeam) by using IfcRelConnectsWithRealizingElement.
Unfortunately it’s not possible because of the following Where rule:NoSelfReference The instance of the RelatingElement shall not be the same instance as the RelatedElement.

ENTITY IfcRelConnectsElements
SUPERTYPE OF(ONEOF(IfcRelConnectsPathElements, IfcRelConnectsWithRealizingElements))
SUBTYPE OF (IfcRelConnects);
ConnectionGeometry : OPTIONAL IfcConnectionGeometry;
RelatingElement : IfcElement;
RelatedElement : IfcElement;
NoSelfReference : RelatingElement :<>: RelatedElement;


use IfcRelConnects
The relating element is the IfcBeam
The related element is the IfcFastener

You meant IfcRelConnectsElements - right ? IfcRelConnects is too abstract. On the other hand IfcRelConnectsElements is too abstract to the welding machine.

This is an issue for the machines. Some will need it as a plat, some will need it as a tube. There should be some convention, that the same thing can be two different things. Is similar to welded beams instead of hotrolled steel beams.