IfcClassificationReferenced aplied to IfcProject

Does the IFC 4 or later schema allow applying the IfcClassificationReference entity to abstract entities such as IfcProject, IfcSite, IfcBuilding… etc?


From a list of possible BIM uses, declare in the IfcProject what uses the model is prepared for.

Another example:

From a list of possible building types (using Co Complexes table from Uniclass), declare in the IfcBuiilding which type it is.

Thank you in advance.

IfcProject, IfcBuilding and IfcSite (the entities you mentioned) are not abstract entities as they can be instantiated in an IFC file.

All of these classes derive from IfcObjectDefinition and can be assigned IfcClassifications OOTB (that was already possible in IFC 2x3).

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