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IFC SQLite support

On this page it shows that SQLite is an experimental format.

Where can I find documentation on exactly what the table schema is, and what the foreign key relationships are? Also, where can I find published code that implements some form of this?

Hi Dion,

Some months ago I proposed: finishing IfcSQLite project as an “unfinished” project in bSI
But …

In IfcDoc you can choose SQLite to publish it in the documentation:

However, @bsbock did an invaluable job and introduced 6 scenarios (which the scenario no.6 was the best one):

And mentioned that the existing approach in IfcDoc is the scenario no. 4 which is not good enough:

So, finally, he came with an invaluable solution:

I think with cooperation we will see an invaluable IFC SQLite/SQL
So, as you mentioned it needs support