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IFC SQLite Project

Dear friends,

Do you think finishing some unfinished projects like IFC SQLite will help and speed up IFC development and implementation or not?
Some say yes and some say no

Would be happy to hear from you,

Kind regards,
Ehsan Azari

ok, let’s start with IFC for relational databases.

First of all: why to do this?

For me the benefits of sql based working are

  1. well known data-access (like XML too), no parser required
  2. integrated referencial integrity (not by a seperate test)
  3. typesave in base-types
  4. multiuser functionality (many users can work on the same datapool at the same time)

The points 3) and 4) are - as far as I know - not capabilities of SQLite.
But SQLite could be a possible target for IFC-Data.

It is not only a SQLite-theme.