IFC mapping for clock

Anyone has a suggestion on the IFC entity that a clock (pic below) should be mapped to?
(At least the closest one)
(Other than IfcBuiltElement :wink: )


This is probably where the (lack of) functional IFC conceptual model ends. How about linking to some concept defined in bSDD?

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Either IfcFurniture or IfcAudioVisualAppliance in the case of digital clocks and displays.

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IfcElectricTimeControl.PREDEFINEDTYPE.TIMECLOCK within IFC4 ADD2, and either IfcAudioVisualAppliance or IfcFlowController within IFC2x3 Schema.

Thanks Burcu. Although, Iā€™m afraid that the semantics of IfcElectricTimeControl does not apply to clocks

An electric time control is a device that applies control to the provision or flow of electrical energy over time

Seems that IfcAudioVisualAppliance is the preferred candidate

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